Scorpio forecast for Monday September 20, 2021

When is it right to step in, and when is it best to stand back? Although recent world events might have left us pondering such questions afresh, these issues are as old as time. Entire policies have been developed, and complex strategies implemented in attempts to resolve this issue. But has anyone ever come to a satisfying conclusion? Perhaps the fact that we're still discussing it, today, is answer enough. So, if there are no rules, how will you know which tack to take? You face a dilemma. If you're uncertain, wait. You'll know what to do.

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September 19, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: One of the beautiful things about relationships and friendships is how they develop and mature. It's impossible to maintain the intensity of the first flush of love and romance for a lifetime; those intense emotions mellow into loyalty, trust and mutual support. Although passion can always remain on the agenda, as we change, so it evolves. These changes are reassuring markers that reveal how our connections have deepened. This Full Moon/Equinox week marks the moment when a close connection can move to a deeper, more satisfying level.

September 18, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: The reason we enjoy watching quiz shows on TV is because there are definite answers. Even if we don't know them, we know they exist. It's when problems don't have solutions that we're out of our comfort zone. You're dealing with a conundrum; despite your best efforts, the answer you seek rests tantalisingly out of reach. Yet that's because you're dealing with a paradox. A simple solution simply doesn't exist. This week, if you stop worrying about getting it wrong, the Full Moon/Equinox will guide you right to where you need to be.

September 17, 2021

Is there a Supreme Being watching over us all and trying to help us navigate our paths on the tricky, obstacle-filled journey through life? Before we can hope to know the mind of the divine, surely we need to know whether there is one? As someone who looks to the celestial patterns for inspiration, my views are pretty obvious. But what about you? How much faith do you have in a higher power? With Venus in your sign, connecting to the great Cosmic teacher, Saturn, this weekend, a series of events will encourage you to believe.

Celebrity Scorpio

Ryan Gosling 12 November 1980

September 16, 2021

These days, there are so many different insurance packages available that we can cover ourselves for all eventualities. Yet do they ever bring true peace of mind? People spend vast quantities of precious time, energy and money worrying about possibilities that are unlikely ever to happen. Mars, in a new sign, enables you to concentrate on likely problems. If something's only 'possible' you can deal with it when (or if) it starts to look like becoming a reality. Focus your positive energy on what matters more than everything else today.

September 15, 2021

How busy are you today? How many meetings are scheduled? Have you forgotten any Zoom calls? Or remembered to pay off your credit card? And what about your online shopping? I understand - I really do. You're busy. But I just need to ask one question: how enthused and focused are you on the tasks ahead? Perhaps the only thing that's more important than the quantity of work is your commitment to it. And for that you need priorities. If you focus on what really matters, you'll be empowered and efficient.

September 14, 2021

If you keep your eyes peeled today, there's something good to gain, somewhere good to go, and someone to share magic with. If though, you assume there's nothing worth looking out for, you'll prove your own theory and miss the gift the cosmos is placing in your path. Venus, in your sign, is encouraging you to be open-minded and open-hearted. If you do your best, and follow any encouraging signs, you'll surprise yourself with your ability to conquer any challenges. Cosmic support is on offer. Your job is to simply accept it.

September 13, 2021

With Venus, the planet of love in your sign, you're beginning to feel more relaxed about some of the issues that have been making you feel ill-at-ease. You're more able to focus on finding solutions and easier options. You're starting to ignore the complexities that surround a difficult situation; like insects drawn towards a fruit bowl, they need to be chased away, rather than encouraged. One thing in your life is sweet and simple. Trust that and dare to dream. It's time to allow yourself to pursue some of your brightest hopes.

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