Pisces forecast for Thursday June 24, 2021

What qualifies us to judge someone else's achievements? How can we know, with certainty, what's 'important', 'relevant', or 'significant'? We think that experience gives us the right to our opinions, yet, if we ask ourselves, honestly, what our own experience has taught us, we have to admit that sometimes it shows us that we're wrong! If we can't be certain of our own circumstances, how can we make assertions about other people? Isn't everyone special? Doesn't every situation contain hope? Be open to positive thoughts today.

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June 23, 2021

Although having to constantly look over your shoulder puts you in a great position to spot anyone trying to sneak up on you, it makes it difficult to see where you're going. Apparently, some people who own fast cars (who like to drive aggressively) don't bother looking in the rear view mirror; they don't think anyone will ever be able to overtake them. Of course, they still need to check... if only to see the traffic police! If you can find a compromise between these two very different approaches, you'll find the best way to proceed.

June 22, 2021

It's tempting to suggest that a voice is gently murmuring to you. Quietly, it's urging you to return to a dream you once believed in, that you've given up as being hopeless. But is such a concept really helpful? Are 'sane', 'normal' people supposed to be swayed by so-called 'voices' whispering deep in the darkest recesses of their minds? Wouldn't you be better off raising an eyebrow and booking an appointment with a psychologist? Of course not! You're a Piscean! Following the Solstice, you'd do well to listen to your intuition.

June 21, 2021

Is someone asking too much of you? Are you expected to fulfil unfeasible demands, and meet ridiculously high standards? Although we tend to think in terms of economical 'supply and demand', the demands being made on you are emotional and harder to quantify. When is a favour a favour too many? Are you a bad person because you haven't got the energy to give someone your all? Absolutely not! There's nothing selfish about saving a little time for yourself. You must put your needs higher on your agenda today.

Celebrity Pisces

Daniel Craig 2 March 1968

June 20, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: With the uplifting Solstice, a Full Moon, and your ruler, imaginative Neptune, in a positive alignment with the planet of love, Venus, there's a lot of cosmic action in store for you this week. Only one thing stands in the way of it being full of hope, happiness, excitement and romantic possibilities: and that's your reticence to think yourself worthy of such gifts. You tend to take responsibility for your failings, yet rarely credit yourself for your successes. It's time to change the record. Shake off the doubts; you're in for a fabulous week.

June 19, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: When you're fighting to clear a path through a jungle of misunderstanding you need an axe of perception. You've been receiving some very mixed messages and trying to work out the meaning of some complicated smoke signals. No one seems to be in agreement. And your brain's starting to short-circuit. You're unsure what to prioritise and what to ignore. This Solstice/Full Moon week encourages you to take some time out. If you give yourself the space to relax and reassess, the understanding you seek will appear.

June 18, 2021

Every single person on this spinning ball of rock is here for a reason. Our lives have a constructive purpose. We're not 'accidents' or 'victims'. But discovering our purpose involves surmounting the temptation to see existence as some kind of mistake or penance. The challenge, for all of us, is to summon enough belief to recognise our reasons for being here. This weekend, as Jupiter slows to a halt, your positivity holds the key to solving any problems. You'll be successful because that's what you're meant to be!

June 17, 2021

If yesterday is history, then surely that makes today the future? Just one day ago, it was full of possibilities. It was close enough that you could almost taste it, yet amorphous enough for anything to happen. All you could hope to do was to impose some kind of influence on the shape that it might take. So, how does the reality of today compare to your vision? And how much does it matter if it doesn't? Since tomorrow holds the same potential as today, focus on shaping it as much as you can, and, soon enough, your effort will pay dividends.

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