Capricorn forecast for Thursday June 24, 2021

Aren't you supposed to be doing something? With the Supermoon in your sign, shouldn't you be putting a bit more energy in to benefit from the celestial advantage you're being offered? Are you missing a trick? Are you letting the grass grow under your feet? Absolutely not! You're doing the right thing in the right way. All that you need is coming naturally towards you. If you're having to fight for something it's because it's not what you really need. Take it easy today. And prepare to be given a gift from a benevolent cosmos.

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June 23, 2021

No matter how far you travel - even if you're a cosmonaut boarding a shuttle to Mars, there's no escaping your thoughts. We carry them with us no matter how far we go. In fact, sometimes, it's when we've made every conceivable effort to remove ourselves from all that seems familiar that we become most attached to the ideas and memories that give us our sense of 'belonging'. With the approaching Full Moon in your sign, if you stick close to what gives you greatest strength, you'll be able to free yourself from an old worry.

June 22, 2021

Despite what the textbooks say about your sign, I'm going to stick my astrological neck out. I know you're supposed to be dependable and reliable, but there are times when even Capricorns have to let their hair down. No sign can be easily pigeon-holed, and that includes you. Following the Solstice, you're being encouraged to 'go with the flow' and 'throw caution to the wind'. Don't forget, your sign's also represented by a mythical Sea Goat! You have mystical powers at your disposal. Make the most of them!

June 21, 2021

Although we're all wary of 'extremism' we tend to forget that all extremes are bad. There's no such thing as extreme good versus extreme bad; we can't get rid of one extreme by going as far as we can to the other. The middle ground is always the safest, most sensible place. If the world needs to remind itself of this as it weighs up how to respond to its current challenges, you also need to keep it in mind as you deal with a plethora of issues arising in your personal world. The Solstice shows you a more moderate approach today.

Celebrity Capricorn

The Duchess of Cambridge 9 January 1982

June 20, 2021

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: This Solstice/Full Moon week finds you at your sensitive, ambitious best; two of your finest characteristics are working in harmony. The Full Moon, in your sign, offers the chance for a fresh start. While there are some minor dutiful tasks to accomplish, you'll have plenty of time to focus on your needs, and to turn the heat up on a project you've been forced to put on the backburner. As long as you act with sincerity, and with awareness of the interests of the key people in your life, you'll find it easy to make tangible progress.

June 19, 2021

Your Weekly Horoscope: There's a saying 'blessed are they who have no expectations for they shall not be disappointed'. So is it also true that those who don't have any expectations are cursed because they don't have anything to look forward to? There are two sides to every story. You can dive head-first into what's unfolding in your life, or you can decide to sit on the sidelines. Or... you can switch between being enthusiastic and hesitant. One thing's for certain this Solstice/Full Moon week, there's about to be a significant, positive shift forwards.

June 18, 2021

Would it be patronising to suggest that some of the issues you face would be less challenging if you were more relaxed? Would I be insulting your intelligence if I simply reminded you that time away from a problem is sometimes all that's required? These are two risks that I'm prepared to take! This weekend, as Jupiter slows to a halt, you have a chance to step back and change your perspective. You're due some 'time out'. Seize this opportunity to breathe and reboot. The coming Solstice brings a welcome change.

June 17, 2021

The insurance industry relies on our tendency to worry. What if a flash of lightning hits my house? Don't worry, pay us and we'll cover it. What if there's a flood? No problem. What if a passing chimpanzee steals all my bananas? Don't worry, we can handle that, too. Don't get me wrong, some insurance is good practice. But the side effect of this kind of attitude is that it encourages our anxieties. If someone preys on your fears today, please feel free to ignore them. As Jupiter slows to turn retrograde, your biggest worry will start to fade.

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