Ontario couple have ‘Schitt’s Creek’-themed wedding at the Rosebud Motel – and get surprised by Dan Levy

By Heather Cichowski

The coronavirus pandemic and lockdown have made many couples get creative with their wedding plans. After COVID-19 forced Mitch Potashner and Kim Fishman to abandon their original wedding plans, the Ontario couple decided to take inspiration from something they got into during lockdown: Schitt's Creek! With the creativity of their families and the help of Fab Fête Event Planning they were able to get hitched in a lockdown-compliant micro wedding at the actual Rosebud Motel – or the Fishpot Motel, as they renamed it for the occasion!

Photo: © Amsis Photography

"The idea for the Schitt’s Creek theme was literally thought of one week before the wedding, when the restrictions were tightened and we were only allowed to have 10 people gathered outdoors for a wedding ceremony. Drive-in and virtual ceremonies were also permitted," explained the couple to HELLO! Canada via email.

They continued, "Once we were able to firm up the Motel as the venue, we decided to have some fun with the Schitt’s Creek theme.

Photo: © Amsis Photography

"We felt that a creative, fun, and unique wedding was just what we all needed during this time of life where people are hungry for feel-good experiences. We were delighted to jump into planning a long-awaited celebration at a meaningful location. We love to be creative and wanted to surprise guests with a traditional yet unexpected and memorable wedding."

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The Schitt's Creek theme and Rosebud Motel venue were also a fitting choice for Mitch and Kim because they got into the beloved Canadian series during the start of COVID-19.

"We started watching Schitt's Creek early on during the pandemic and were hooked right from the start! We finished a few months ago," Kim and Mitch said.

Photo: © Amsis Photography

They elaborated, 
"The messages about life and love in the show Schitt’s Creek had an impact on us in many ways – the Rose family learned through giving up their extravagant lifestyle, that you can still feel rich without money."

The themes of the award-winning TV show are things that resonated with the couple and they hope they continue to inspire.

"While many may describe Schitt’s Creek as funny and unrealistic, we think that the messages in this show are incredibly meaningful and timely – it’s all about learning about yourself and others during unexpected and unprecedented times, learning how to grow and evolve during challenging times, and about unconditional love, loss, change, adapting, family values, family sticking together, small town values, compassion, diversity, honesty - essentially it’s about what is really important in life.

"Our goal is to live our lives in a way that reflects the messages from the show."

It sounds like the perfect fit for their nuptials, but the Rose family didn't factor as much into Mitch and Kim's original wedding plans.

"Our original plans were more traditional; indoors at a beautiful venue, 250 guests, band, bar, dancing, etc.," the couple revealed. "COVID forced us to think out of the box and make lemonade from the lemons thrown at us!"

Photo: © Amsis Photography

Alas bébé, that wedding couldn't go ahead because of coronavirus and social distancing measures. But, the duo made the best of the situation. Luckily, Kim's dad knows the owner of the Rosebud Motel and he contacted him right after the April 16 announcement in Ontario that stipulated limited wedding ceremonies to 10 people plus drive-in and livestream guests.

"He mentioned to the Motel owner that it would be a dream for us to be married at the iconic Rosebud Motel venue," divulged Kim. "So, each of us coming from 'get things done - let's do this' families, everyone in both families put their creative juices into overdrive and implemented some great ideas during the few days we had to make it all happen."

The couple made use of the Rosebud Motel's space, which is located in Mono, Ont., about an hour-and-a-half from downtown Toronto. The 70-foot-long sidewalk turned into the aisle and there were 20 parking spaces for drive-in guests. Plus, they had the Nottawasaga River as a beautiful backdrop.

The Schitt's Creek theme was a hit with all of the guests, too. "They loved it! Many of our livestream guests said it was the best wedding they have ever 'attended,'" said Mitch and Kim. "Some of our guests in the cars on location decorated their cars and got into the spirit by dressing up as characters from Schitt’s Creek."

Photo: © Kim Fishman and Mitch Potashner

The newlyweds were also treated to very special surprise from Dan Levy. The actor said in a video to the pair that he was "so honoured" Mitch and Kim were tying the knot "in his second home."

"The video is typical Dan Levy – genuine, caring, kind and loving," they stated. "And we loved his Redmond️ T-shirt as our family also rescues dogs!"

As for what Catherine O'Hara's character, Moira Rose, would say about the wedding, Mitch and Kim think: "Moira would have said 'I would be pleased to RSVP as… pending.'"

Kim considers herself most like Alexis (Annie Murphy) "because of her incredible optimism" while Mitch "is most like David, [Dan Levy's character] because he has such a huge heart."
For any couples that might be inspired to have a Schitt's Creek-themed wedding, or celebration, Mitch and Kim offer this advice: "The wedding needs to reflect the personality of the couple and should be fun and memorable for guests.

"One piece of advice is not to overdue the theme – make it a celebration of the couple tying the knot and starting their official journey together."

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